Ronan McMahon is a global real estate scout, best-selling author on Amazon, and the editor of Real Estate Trend Alert. Typically, he’ll spend as much as half the year on the road, hunting down the best real estate opportunities for his own portfolio… and for members of Real Estate Trend Alert.

Ronan’s lessons in real estate investing started when he was quite young. His parents owned some properties that they rented out. The tenants were paying the mortgage on the homes. His parents explained that when the mortgages were paid off, they would own the homes free and clear…and still have an income stream coming in.

It was a smart way to supercharge their nest egg for retirement.

Today, Ronan is building his own real estate portfolio. But, unlike his parents, his horizons are broader. His portfolio includes overseas real estate and his beat for the hottest deals is global.

Ronan’s first real estate investments were in his hometown of Cork. He says: “I knew the market inside out. I bought in the right place at the right time and did well.”

But Ronan recognized that his home market was getting frothy in the mid-2000s. Savvy investors like Ronan were starting to look elsewhere for the next money-making opportunity.

Around the same time, Ronan landed a new job scouting the globe, looking for up-and-coming locations that promised strong returns on real estate investments. This gave him the chance to marry his professional and personal interests. He purchased a pre-construction condo in Panama City, Panama. His friends and family thought he was crazy. But when he banked north of $72,000 on the deal, they realized he wasn’t crazy—just on to a good thing.

Fast forward to 2008, when economies in much of Europe and North America were in freefall. Banks had collapsed. Stock markets were plummeting. Real estate was underwater.

Retirement savings folks had put aside…the little nest eggs for a rainy day… were being decimated.

Ronan was on a beach in northeast Brazil, buying condos with a 1% down-payment, or just $736 down. He then watched values go up, almost by the day.  In a matter of months, before a shovel had broken ground, a buyer offered him 250,000 Brazilian reais. He later sold, for a gross profit of $43,500.

News footage in 2008 showed teary-eyed bank employees in Europe and the U.S. carrying their stuff out of abandoned offices in boxes. But northeast Brazil at the time was booming, undergoing a major transformation from an agricultural backwater to a logistics, manufacturing and tourism hub.

Real estate fortunes, large and small, are made at moments of big transformations like this. By going global, you get to follow big “once in a lifetime” transformations and play them far more often than once in your life.

Ronan figured out international real estate investment on his own. But he knew that other folks wanted to do the same thing. They just didn’t have the time, resources or experience to do it on their own.

That’s why he created his Real Estate Trend Alert service, bringing the best real estate deals out there straight to members, with all the intel, research and connections they need to act on a deal from their armchair…and in many cases, double their money.

Remember, even if your home market is in a slump—there’s always opportunity somewhere around the globe…

Here are three more reasons to invest in real estate overseas…

  1. The potential profits. When you look overseas you open yourself to bigger opportunities. Much bigger potential gains. Twelve years of Real Estate Trend Alert deals go a long way toward proving that. You can double your money in a few short years and generate strong rental yields.
  2. Protect your wealth. When you invest in real estate, you diversify your assets. When you invest in overseas real estate, you go a step further and reduce your exposure to your home market. If things hit a speed bump back home, as Ronan’s Brazilian experience shows, you can still make money. Investing in real estate in another currency also means you’re diversified not just out of your home market but also your home currency.
  3. You can travel. There’s nothing sweeter than traveling the world for fun and profit. Ronan has been doing it for decades. These days he spends six months or so of each year traveling and the rest of the time in his “bases.” These are usually Ireland in the summer when the days are long and balmy…winter at his base in Cabo, Mexico…in between on the Riviera Maya or in Portugal. You can do this too, with the right real estate buy—spending time there yourself with family and friends, generating attractive rental income when you’re not there yourself. And, bag capital gains, too.

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